Scrivener: A Tool for writers and Gamesmasters

A blog I wrote on my hobby site, about a piece of software I use for writing and running adventure games. Enjoy!

It's More than Just Gaming

Hello everyone.   No Mycroft Journal this week, as our game doesn’t properly start until next Wednesday.  There is one further journal entitled “The Summons” written which covers the aftermath of Journal 3 and summons to court, however I have postponed it until next week  In the meantime here is a blog about a piece of software I use and how it helps run RPG.

A few years back, I discovered a piece of software that many writers use for producing their novels and whatnot, and being a student of creative writing I decided to get it as well.  The software is called Scrivener, and the reason I am telling you this is because it is one of the best tools I have available to me as a Gamesmaster and I wanted to share with yourself.

I will be using World of Darkness RPG examples, but the basics apply to…

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