This one goes out to the regulars – I have a question

Hi there folks, welcome.  And a brand new hello to the recent followers, nice to see you!

Today’s post is less about writing and more about your expectations of this site, and an idea I have recently had.  And whilst I can certainly do what I please regards this website, it is a foolish writer that ignores their readers.  So, I want your opinion.

This website has been operational for just under a year.  In fact I got the domain renewal notice the other day.  And, despite a brief gap in posting it has been consistent and follower numbers have grown.  I appreciate that more than you realise.  What you may also not realise is this is one of two websites I have.  The other website is a hobby blog where I talk about gaming.  I review stuff and explore educational and social benefit of the hobby.  Some of my posts from there have been shared here and some from here have been shared there.

Now, it occurs to me that having two websites has two readerships when in fact I really want one set of readers.  Granted, on their own merits each site is doing reasonably well for a first year site.  However, I believe that they will become stronger if they were to merge.  I have tried this in the past, and it has been a bit unsuccessful.  Which would lead you to rightly ask, what has changed?  If it didn’t work before, then what makes you think it will work now?

My answer is related to purpose and format.  Previously the format of the site was a blog roll.  And I treated it like a niche blog, except it had two distinct and discrete areas.  And I feel that is what caused the blog to have an issue with identity leading to its ultimate failure.

This time my intent is to run a website as my author website.  On Sharp Writing I have shared my thoughts on the craft of writing and storytelling.  I have spoken about things that I feel have helped me that I believe will benefit others. As I said, I want to merge the two websites I have and have a single author website.  It would have a static landing page describing the site, and me and it would contain both of my blogs.  I don’t believe this will cause an issue with site identity.  If I have an author site then it is reasonable to talk about my writing work, my writing thoughts and also share all of my public writing – in this case, my hobby Blog.

My question to you would be – does this make any difference to you as a reader?

I will break that down.  Would a site that talks about fiction, writing and my hobby feel weird to you?  Would the additional content make you less likely to stick around?  And how would you feel if the content was good, but the primary URL changed?

That is it, over to you.  Please, I appreciate your thoughts!



Scrivener: A Tool for writers and Gamesmasters

A blog I wrote on my hobby site, about a piece of software I use for writing and running adventure games. Enjoy!

It's More than Just Gaming

Hello everyone.   No Mycroft Journal this week, as our game doesn’t properly start until next Wednesday.  There is one further journal entitled “The Summons” written which covers the aftermath of Journal 3 and summons to court, however I have postponed it until next week  In the meantime here is a blog about a piece of software I use and how it helps run RPG.

A few years back, I discovered a piece of software that many writers use for producing their novels and whatnot, and being a student of creative writing I decided to get it as well.  The software is called Scrivener, and the reason I am telling you this is because it is one of the best tools I have available to me as a Gamesmaster and I wanted to share with yourself.

I will be using World of Darkness RPG examples, but the basics apply to…

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How roleplay games have helped me be a better writer

A blog I wrote on my other website about how gaming helped my writing

It's More than Just Gaming

So, it says on my about page that I am a writer.  This is true.  I have taken joy in in putting pen to pad or fingers to keys for many, many years.  Admittedly, I wasn’t always good at it, but writing is a skill and as with any skill, you have to work at your craft to get better.

One “How to write” book told me that writers have to be hunter-gatherers, always on the lookout for inspiration.  Carry a note book to write down interesting details that can be used later.

Gaming, specifically roleplay, has also proved to be a useful hobby


My Game of Choice and the one I will be referring to

Gaming Generates Unusual Ideas

I am running a short Vampire the Masquerade Game with some friends of years gone by.  We play on a Google Hangout and use Roll20 as a playing area and…

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The Glamorous life of a Freelancer

Today I slept in.  This annoys me as there was no good reason for it, but it is what it is. Today was always destined to be a study day, improving my craft at proofreading and beginning work on creative writing workshops and maybe if I could squeeze it in, some novel plan.

My body betrayed me and kept me asleep until much later than intended.

This image really sums up what today is about, and probably many other days yet to come.

Cooking a fry up when I should be on cereal, whilst reading and learning. Or, from another point of view, trying not to burn my kitchen down whilst balancing.  A study guide during cooking.

No kitchens were harmed in the production of this post. 

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone, my name is John, and this is my website and blog.  Over the years I have had about a dozen blogs, and I have moved on from each and every one of them.  I never found a niche and now, as per every year or so, I am starting a fresh one.

I quite like the story there, it is fitting.  I have started many times, and moved on and then come back to blogging with new understanding and new expertise.  I can’t think of a more fitting situation to be in given that I am starting out as a freelancer, novelist and writing support.  I think I will let the underlying message stand for who I am.  I am John.  I am good at refinement.  I am persistent, and skilled.  And I am here to help you.


I will take any queries you have, but I likely won’t be able to take any work on until March.

I will post updates here, so folks can see my progress and I intend to post a few tips here too.  I will also be sharing content from other blogs I write in, just so folks get to know who I am and what I am about.


All the best.