How roleplay games have helped me be a better writer

A blog I wrote on my other website about how gaming helped my writing

It's More than Just Gaming

So, it says on my about page that I am a writer.  This is true.  I have taken joy in in putting pen to pad or fingers to keys for many, many years.  Admittedly, I wasn’t always good at it, but writing is a skill and as with any skill, you have to work at your craft to get better.

One “How to write” book told me that writers have to be hunter-gatherers, always on the lookout for inspiration.  Carry a note book to write down interesting details that can be used later.

Gaming, specifically roleplay, has also proved to be a useful hobby


My Game of Choice and the one I will be referring to

Gaming Generates Unusual Ideas

I am running a short Vampire the Masquerade Game with some friends of years gone by.  We play on a Google Hangout and use Roll20 as a playing area and…

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