Editing/Proofreading Support

Hi folks

If you are wanting some proofreading or editorial support in any of your projects, then look no further. I can provide the following services.

  • Proofreading your CV
  • Proofreading any document you supply
  • Proofreading any Academic Assignment

Note – Proofreading is a service provided to eliminate errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.  If you opt for a proofreading service, I will not help rewrite parts of the text, even if there are other, better, ways to write it.  This is particularly the case in Academic Assignments as this could put you in breach of your institutional regulations.

There are currently no editing services on offer.


In all cases, I would request you supply me with a style guide, in-house dictionary of jargon and the document as a text file if at all possible.  When I have completed the work, I will return an unaltered version of the file, and where possible a version with visible tracked changes and a version with changes accepted.

All prices will be negotiated but will be based on estimated length of time versus what you need.

If you wish to get in touch about Editorial/Proofreading support, please fill out the contact form HERE