The trusty notebook of the future?

Anyone who knows me knows two things.  I like notebooks, and have many.  And as a gamer, I tend to drift onto the Kickstarter website from time to time looking to see what developments are in the works.  (Incidentally, you can pop over to my other site to see updates about my hobby and Kickstarters I have started following HERE )

It was on one of my trips to Kickstarter that I found the Everlast Rocketbook campaign


click on the image to view the campaign

Being an avid note taker for various things, you will see from the image above that I have half a shelf devoted to the things.  Then I found this campaign.

What we have is the idea of a reusable notebook.  You write your notes on the pages using one of their pens, and how you mark the page dictates where the contents are sent in your personal cloud, allowing you scribble your notes and then save them where you need them.  You can then wipe the page and use afresh.

Some folks might balk at the price, it isn’t cheap.  On the other hand, if it works it could save money in the long run.  Personally, I prefer taking notes in a notebook rather than on computer.  It feels much more natural, and it is faster.

I leave it to you to decide.  Campaign can be found HERE

I already ordered mine


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