About Sharp Writing

Sharp Writing is a website about writing.  On this website you will find blogs by myself about writing, and freelance life, occasional blogs about novel progress, and of course you will find my services available here.

I am a member of the Society for Editors & Proofreaders, and as such I offer editorial support for your work.


Sharp Professional Writing

CVs – I will proofread these for errors, but layout and content I leave to you.  Generally speaking, I charge £13 for 2 pages and £15 for 3

Any other documents, including assignments.  I can proofread for errors, and edit if you wish (an edit is more intense and looks at word choice and sentence structure too).  My general rate is 2p/word for proofreading, and 3p/word including editing.  Rates are negotiable for students, if you can prove your student status.

All rates mentioned here are estimates only, and may increase if your document requires research on my part to understand context.

It is helpful to supply me with a brief set of guidelines/inhouse lexicon if your document uses jargon.


To receive a quote, please fill out the contact form for Sharp Professional Writing



Sharp Creative Writing


Introduction to Creative Writing Workshop – 3 hours covering the basics of Creative Writing.  £45 for the workshop.  Will take up to 5 people.  Done via Skype, Google Hangout or other Media Platform.

Creative Writing Series of Workshops – £10/per person per session, up to 5 people.  Series length to be determined.  Each Workshop 2 hours long.

Critique of 3000 words including 1 hour skype session £30


All rates mentioned are estimates, and subject to change.

To receive a quote, please fill out the contact form for Sharp Creative Writing

Note Introduction to Creative Writing is paid for as a full workshop, regardless of number of participants.  You get the best value with 5 participants sharing the cost.  Series of Workshops are paid per person per session.